Burt Young’s Got His Gun

Picture 1
Burt Young in ACROSS 110TH STREET

More like, gives up his gun… Burt Young, years before his breakthrough in ROCKY, plays a money-counting thug in the 1973 neo-noir crime flick ACROSS 110th STREET, handing over his gun to one of three crooks (Ed Bernard) stealing from crooks… Robbin’ the Hood…


Taking Aim at Jake

Picture 1BLUES BROTHERS released 1980 but filmed in 1979, fitting our template and having to do with two… criminals… Here, a very disgruntled ex girlfriend takes aim at the boys, and behind that bazooka is Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher

Doll Parts

1 2 3 4In our second of three consecutive MARATHON MAN posts… Let’s start with saying that arguably, the best character in the 1976 thriller isn’t the nefarious Nazi dentist played by Lawrence Olivier, or Dustin Hoffman as an American jogger caught in the middle of shady dealings from his brother, played by Roy Schieder stealing the first act a year after JAWS, in danger not of a shark but an exploding doll in France! Here’s the very cool sequence in four parts… The doll shown close-up at first, and then slowly coming apart, in slow motion…

Bright & Lawrence

Richard Bright & Marc Lawrence in MARATHON MAN

In MARATHON MAN, Lawrence Olivier plays the chilling Nazi dentist who pulls Dustin Hoffman’s teeth in a painful manner, but looking even shadier and awesomely ominously menacing are two great character-actors who specialized in heavies, RICHARD BRIGHT, Al Pacino’s unbreakable bodyguard Al Neri from the GODFATHER films and Film Noir icon MARC LAWRENCE.

Lee Purcell on Al Lettieri


ACTRESS LEE PURCELL, who played Wily, reflects working with the late character actor AL LETTIERI, as Frank Renda from the cult action classic MR MAJESTYK starring Charles Bronson (selection taken from a previous Cult Film Freak Interview): Al was a great guy and left us way too soon, as did Sam [Melville] and Steve [McQueen]. Al was always a hard-working actor and very good to me and to his wife, Becky Lettieri. We all remained friends after the film until his untimely death. Becky and I are still good friends. 

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